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this campaign cycle. a much different conversation, more urgency. he only spoke with about 10 reporters this morning. from states like ohio, nevada, and yes, a virginia. separation of just a point or two. this morning one more opportunity to get in some last- minute campaigning. he stopped by a field office in chicago. shortly after he talked to me about this level of confidence. >> i have confidence that the votes are there for us to win. we have a great organization, unbelievable volunteers. i think it is as good of a grass-roots organization as we have ever seen in politics.
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i hope people do not sit on the sidelines. >> would you do something differently? >> i think overall we have brought a race that i can be proud of. obviously, -- we have run a race that i can be proud of. obviously, i should of had a few more cups of coffee before the first debate. other than that, i feel very good about the work that we have done. >> is this going to be over tonight? >> one way or another, we will have a winner. it may spill into the morning but i am pretty confident. >> it is unusual to hear the president himself pushed this message.
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it was to make sure that if you are in line at the precinct, and the polls close, stay there. urging people to bring their ideas to help -- husky -- housekeeping items. this is how concerned they are despite that confidence that you heard. >> mitt romney and paul ryan had a last-minute campaign blitz as well. ryan spun by virginia before he heads to boston tonight. >> we are in the press center at the mitt romney headquarters. the rows of reporters, many have come from all over the world to cover this election night. those are the traveling reporters who have been by mitt romney's aside for the past
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year. he decided he was going to stay on the campaign trail and keep going to get every last voter out to the polls. they are still out on the road campaigning with mitt romney. with little sleep and losing his voice, mitt romney did not take the day off. he was up early to votes in massachusetts. >> i feel great about ohio. >> and then it was off to ohio. meeting up with paul ryan. >> i am so optimistic. optimistic about what is ahead for america. >> paul rice andyan went down to richmond today aboard -- ryan went down to richmond today. this campaign knows they need to get to 270 electoral votes by winning as much close states as possible, including virginia. they have also refocused their
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fire on pennsylvania, making. spurred the final stop of this campaign day. an exhausting -- making pittsburgh the final stop of this campaign it day. kid rock warming up the crowd. mitt romney losing his voice but not his sense of urgency. encouraging this crowd of thousands to help get out the vote. supporters said they did not listen to prognosticators. >> it is going to be a blow out. >> last time, they called the election for john kerry at about 8:30. 2.5 hours later, things had changed. go out and vote the way you want. >> campaign aides to mitt romney
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say the candidate was visibly moved when he arrived in pittsburgh this afternoon and saw the crowds of supporters. they think they have the possibility in pennsylvania today. they will be keeping a close eye on three counties in virginia. prince william county, fairfax county, and loudoun county. we will have all of those covered as we stay hereroughout the evening. >> if you voted today chances are you waited in a long line. some people waited three hours they told us, to cast their votes. others said they faced polling problems that nobody could predict. >> three hours seems to be the magic number today as far as weight times. take a look.
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people getting off of work, the line israther quickly. there was a laundry list of problems across our area. >> there is no one in there to assist you. it is terrible. >> several d.c. poll workers did not show up today, so 70 extra volunteers were sent to help. lines for so long in some places -- >> they gave up on voting. >> my feet hurt, myack hurts. >> she is nine months pregnant and was frustrated by a three- hour wait time. >> lack of machines. it is chaotic. >> at kennedy rec center, there were other problems. >> this is a special ballot referral form wind. >> you have lived in this neighborhood for how long?
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>> six years. >> in district heights md., 8 voting machines went down. >> they have had for years to coordinate all of this. >> an elderly man collapsed in this line. >> they did not offer a place for the seniors. >> in crystal city, volume was the problem. >> everyone has a sense that their vote actually counts. >> back here at the kennedy rec center, they are fortunate because they have been able to this morning, we did see some of those lines began to spill outdoors and it is frigid outside. election officials say based on the numbers of 2008, 22,000 early voters, 53,000.
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we are looking at a record turnout here in the district. >> incredible. for months, we have been telling you how virginia will be one of the biggest keys to winning the presidency. now we are cintas talf importance. many experts say -- we are seeing how important. >> they are feeling pretty honored to be in the limelight. prince william county are expected to report their results strongly after 7:00. many analysts say it will indicate to win this election. in principle again county today, the political science green visitors to old town manassas may indicate how -- the political science greeting visitors to old town manassas may indicate.
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>> locally, within our own community. >> this county voted 53% of president obama in 2008. prince william is seen as an early indicator. >> i would love to think that loudoun county is a slice of america. >> i would like to think that something that we do is based on a lot of good thinking and a lot of prayer. that would be great. >> back to prince william county many are observing something else about this year's elections. >> more than i ever seen.
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>> there is a lot of enthusiasm here. many of the poll workers here are saying there are senate similar to 2008 levels as well. -- they are seeing at levels 2008 as well. >> in maryland, it might not be the presidential election driving people to the polls. there many important questions on the ballot this year. three of them have sparked controversy, especially in prince george's county. >> it is one of the busier polling places in the county. just yet, but i suspect there will be. what we are hearing from people is that you do not have to twist their arms to get them to vote
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today. we have seen the signs everywhere. from the moment the polls open, turnout has been strong. caroline's at most locations. -- there were lines at most locations. from the school board up to the presidency and a long list of social and economic issues, people tell us they could not stay away. >> if i did not vote, whatever happens after that, i have no say. >> it is not quite like four years ago. the county is ground zero to battle over same-sex marriage, the dream that comment and gambling. >> there is a lot of issues to be decided. it means a lot to the county. >> they have seen influential church leaders stand against
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same-sex marriage. the way the law is written, the county has veto power over questions 7. voters know their ballots counted. >> it has gotten the attention of all the citizens. it is time for us to take a stand. >> all the issues it that had two or take away to how we live in this country. it is very important this time around. >> we expect to see county executives we're seeing people from every side on every question. they're looking for that last undecided voter. >> abc 7 is your vote 2012 station. we will have up-to-the-minute results all night. our live coverage begins at 7:00 and continues through the evening. >> coming up, see of the damage
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left behind by a hurricane at sandy affected election date in new york and new jersey. >> i had no idea it was going to be this long. >> standing in line for hours that a large voter turnout benefits one candidate more than the other? >> the virginia senate race is another tight one. we are live
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>> two former governor's are battling it out this election day. >> we have live team coverage of the senate race. we begin with the allen campaign. >> things at the omni hotel in richmond are fairly quiet. this is the republican party election night headquarters. that means the same can be said for george allen. they said they had to wait for a little while. we ended up catching up with allen this afternoon at a polling station near richmond. he stopped several polling spots
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today making one last appeal to voters. this race has been closed all along. in the past couple of days allen is three points behind tim kaine. overall, george allen says he has no regrets. >> i am proud of the race we have run. based on ideas, a blueprint for america's comeback. >> are you confident in the results tonight? >> i am as confident as you can be. >> george allen saying that " this is our generation's rendezvous with destiny." we can expect a very close results in both of those races. >> let's head over to the tim
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kaine campaign. >> it is indeed a vote between two governors. tim kaine is running neck and neck with george allen. the governor joins me right now. thank you so much, governor, for joining us. you were out and about this morning, all day. what are you hearing? how optimistic are you? >> i am optimistic but it is going to be close. turnout is really strong. so many people were voting. we could see a lot of activity and big turnout. that is always good for democracy. we also feel like it is hopeful sign. >> $80 million for this campaign between the two of you, the most
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expensive after the presidential. a very negative. >> what is at stake, do we go into the campaigns even more negative? that is what i challenge my opponent. he turned me down. i have been the target of the second most super pac negative ads in the united states. we have different philosophy. we think that is why we have generated a slight lead. it is only slight. >> how locker the coattails? -- how long or the coattails? >> people know george allen and they know me. i would encourage everyone, stay in line to vote. >> thank you so much, governor tim kaine. good to see you. the marriott in richmond is
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still very quiet. all of that is very much expected to change at 7:00. we're live in richmond. >> only have an hour and 40 minutes. >> after all these months, that is nothing. >> it has been a nice day. let's get you into what is happening. we do have the coastal storm to watch. we're looking at chesapeake beach, out across the bay. the clouds are moving up from the south. the clouds are taking over in response to the next system. 45 in washington right now. it is going to keep the cold their sealed into the surface. it is going to be chilly tonight and chilly in the morning. tomorrow morning, at 29-35 degrees.
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it will be a cold day. the transfer to keep this system farther offshore. it looks like that will stay the case. it will graze our area. we're going to get off easy. unfortunately, the people across new york city, long island, long island sound, rhode island are going to be hit pretty hard again. damaging surge and some flooding as well. we're just far enough from the western fringes that we will catch a little bit of a break. there is no precipitation close to the area. r futurecast shows the cloud cover precipitation. we will take appear tomorrow during the day. precipitation just offshore, today, its days. chilly.
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-- it stays pretty chilly. that will continue late tonight into thursday morning. the system finally pulls out and by late thursday morning, the sunshine will be back. it will be cold. but very nice spring days will follow. blustery in the morning, 35. 42 at midday. temperatures, 37 by the afternoon. look what happens. a thursday friday, saturday, sunday, a warming trend. a nice break from this chill. it is nice to see a few days down the road. >> it looks like a great weekend. cut seven is on your side with a car seat recall. >> the voter turnout
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>> welcome back. this was the common picture throughout our area. long lines wrapped around buildings, zigzag down hallways. >> suzanne kennedy is live in bethesda. >> the virginia state board of elections says the voter turnout will be higher than year -- this year than it was in 2008. in maryland, early voting members were double what they were in the last general election. the big question tonight, which presidential candidate benefits from this high voter turnout? in virginia, of voting today meant waiting in extremely long lines. >> this is the highest voter turnout i have ever seen.
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>> at arlington fire station, it stretched well into the men morning. be patient voters stood and waited for more than two hours. >> the last time i voted, it was a 30 minute wait. >> i have already been in line well over an hour. >> a record-setting 139 million people voted in the 2008 presidential election. today may exceed that historic number. the big winner today will be determined by the size of the voter turnout. >> if it comes close to 2008 levels, that will be strong for president obama. mitt romney voters tend to be more enthusiastic. >> in montgomery county, this short line was deceiving. ensign people waited in lines
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which snaked -- inside people waited in lines which snakes through hallways. >> i do not know what the line is doing up there. >> it is a long time for a guy who is 84 years old. >> here in maryland, the polls will close at 8:00. in birds jet -- -- in virginia, 7:00. if you are in line by 7:00 in virginia and 8:00 in maryland, you'll be able to cast your ballot. >> still ahead -- >> the contentious issue of expanding gambling in the state of virginia is in the hands of the voter. the one key factor that could make a difference in the final outcome.
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>> officials are calling it a record turnout. there are some hitches.
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>> question 7 on the maryland balladur has taken over the airwaves. >> it is all about expanding slot machines and table games in maryland. >> a tremendous amount of money is at stake. national harbor could be transformed into an international result -- resort with the massive casino. it is of two maryland voters to finish this narrative. the line wrapped halfway around the building. there is interest in the question 7 because the expected site will be right down the road
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at national harbor. some view that as a negative. >> i would like to see it -- before the traffic. >> the ballot measure increases the number of casinos in the state. casinos could offer vegas style table games. the voters told us the number one reason they supported question 7, jobs. the new casino would require 6000 jobs. >> i did vote for a referendum seven. >> if they are doing everything they said they would do, i think it is worth it. >> both sides battled over this issue in a barrage of ads. supporters stressed the measure will keep revenue in maryland. the board raise around $150 million a year for education.
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opponents insist the money earmarked for education can and will be spent by the general assembly for other needs. expanding gambling is only a good deal for the casino owner. >> on one hand, it says it will do something good. on the other hand, it could create some problems, too. >> as we expect a lot of drama tonight. according to a number of sources, internal polling is very tight. >> the democratic presidential candidate usually always wins in the district, but that did not keep long lines from forming. >> the d.c. board of elections is saying they believe this is a record turnout. bigger than the presidential election of 2008. take a look at the kennedy rec center in northwest washington.
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the lines of people that have formed. they based their observations on the fact that there are more folks here. her early voting is 150% higher. since most of the big d.c. races have already been determined, today's mainly about obama- romney. lines were the norm at many of the polling places. >> i am voting for obama. >> d.c. has local contests. michael brown may be in trouble of losing. there were lots of complaints about how the voting precincts were run today. precinct 97 -- >> my name was not in the book. we had to have special ballots. >> precinct 39, long lines, up
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three paper ballots and voting stations only 1 electronic. >> there should be more than one electronic voting machine. >> it has been very busy all day long. we are short staffed. we do not have enough equipment. we're doing the best we can. the voters will have to have good patients. >> for some of those waiting -- >> total incompetence. >> d.c. is electing hundreds of advisory neighborhood commissioners. in one case, a candidate left the polls in handcuffs. he was charged with assaulting a man she said tore down one of her campaign signs. commissioners are not paid, but elected officials but have a lot of influence in their
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neighborhoods. >> we know loudoun county could be one of the county's that decides who takes all of virginia's electoral votes. a handful of obama science were vandalized with racial slurs. county workers encountered swastika signs as well. >> that is disgusting and disturbing. it is such a crazy world. in this culture where people are supposed to be tolerated and accepted. >> she called the vandalism an attack on her first amendment rights. stay with abc 7 for all of your
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local election results. we will bring you coverage on nights starting at 7:00. >> let's get a check on the traffic situation. >> we do have some commuters heading the roads, expect some delays. we're looking at an accident on the outer loop of the american legion branch. police arriving on the scene. interlopes slowing out of virginia from i-66 towards 270. prince george's county, an accident has been there for about two years -- two hours your branch ave. outer loop is flowing out of virginia across the american legion branchidge.
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having delays -- have the delays. >> have a great night. still to come, the car seat that is being recalled. >> it is back to one of the most important counties in the country. a live report from loudoun
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>> election day is the super bowl of politics. >> charlie, good to see you. let's talk about virginia. all eyes are here. it is very close. we've heard people say that whoever takes prince william and loudoun county may likely to the presidency. >> i think it is very true. both of them are keys to winning virginia. they tell a story about virginia and the transition it has undergone. it has gone from red state to a purple state. >> we have seen some demographic changes since the last election.
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you combine those two things, which side has helped out the most? >> the more diversity has made it a much more democratic place. when you have a diverse electorate that tends to benefit the obama campaign because they run a much better with african-american voters, it asian voters. that tends to be fertile ground for the president. >> we are preparing for a very long evening tonight. did you have any prediction as to when we will see a winner? >> many of the swing states are on the eastern seaboard. we could see it early. ohio looks so messy and there is so much that could go wrong we could be in for a long night. >> they have the provisional
5:44 pm
ballot issue in ohio. >> anything in particular we should watch for tonight? >> turnout is obviously very important. it matters for the turnout is. naturally, you want to take a look at african-american turnout. for virginia, you want to look at northern virginia, prince william and loudoun county. >> hopefully, they will be sharing. thank you so much. >> coming up next, see if hurricane sandy's devastation kept people away from the polls in new york and new jersey.
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>> police said one person is dead and four are injured in a workplace shooting.
5:48 pm
it happened at apple valley farms in fresno. investigators said a 42-year- old lawrence jones opened fire on co-workers and then shot himself. to the wounded victims are in critical condition. >> despite the aftermath of sandy, election day turnout was heavy in several storm ravaged areas in new york and new jersey. many still have no power and eight days after it sandy. from coney island to s.i., voters lined up early this morning. in new jersey, the governor cast his ballot. election officials have extended their online voting until friday. recovery efforts continue in the aftermath of sandy. that team returned to chantilly
5:49 pm
this morning after assisting all across new jersey. the groups conducted search and rescue operations. eight states have sent more than 200 troopers to help in new jersey. >> a recall alert for you 60,000 car seats. children can bite off a piece of a harness pad and choke on it. three incidents have been reported. the recall covers --sold in the u.s. and canada. let's see what is coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> we are gearing up for a big night. >> the clock is ticking. if you live in virginia, have a
5:50 pm
little more than an hour. you have a couple of hours in d.c. and maryland. what the candidates are doing. as they wait for the vote count. scott talked with the present one on one. -- with the president one on one. we will see you at 6:00. >> let's get another check of our weather. it is about to change big time. >> we will not have the real impact this nor'easter in our area. duffel along the coast and the north. -- death valley along the coast and up north. a 39 definitely along the coast and up north. is gone to be a cold night. it is going to be blustery as we head through the day we will start to be on the western fringes of this developing
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nor'easter. it is an organization of rain developing. watch what happens. it will be cold, it will be a bigger impact than the precipitation. might take a break and the storm gets a little closer to ocean city. that will be the story into the nighttime hours. early thursday morning, it should start to pull out rapidly. we will get through it. it could be a rough go across southern new england new york, new jersey. for us, just a chance of some light when dree staff. that is the very latest. >> election day, does it get any better than this? the redskins are looking for a
5:52 pm
change they can believe them. they are moving forward. they are promoting johnson from the practice squad. mike shanahan looked stock when he went to vote today. -- stoci when he went to vote today. all of the redskins for excited to go out and do their civic duty. >> i have to vote. >> the 2012 redskins campaign hits its by weak today. not before one more stump speech from the head coach. >> the coach was upset. he went to get his thoughts together. >> mike shanahan spoke to the team about the controversial comments he made following sunday's loss to carolina. >> he was not a very pleased with the way it was handled in the media. he was very clear to us about
5:53 pm
that. >>. those. the redskins have lost three straight. carolina has fewer windss. >> we have built ourselves a tough task but we can win a few more ballgames. we will get back in this thing. >> i cannot figure out why mike is upset with the media. they will play the eagles november 17. how about this play? he is 225, 80,000 people. somehow, that nobody saw him. he could go all the way, look at that guy. it was brought back.
5:54 pm
back is a little league play. write it down for a little league. >> that was a good one. >> thank you. coming up next -- >> we will look to what people are
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>> the social media affect of this collection. >> we are tracking what is trending on twitter and facebook. >> people are going on line and they're telling people that they voted. two of the leading trend in things on twitter are i voted and election 2012. i want to show you a piece of video that one of our viewers tweeted. this is a voting panel in pennsylvania. the person is trying to select barack obama but mitt romney
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gets a highlighted. that particular voting machine was taken out of service. i want to show you some live witness pictures. these are long lines are around the polling place. a very cold morning in district heights. long lines across the viewing area. this woman decided to vote for someone who was not on the ballot. high turnout means a lot of people waiting for lined -- waiting in line for hours. we have much mark on, including this a photo gallery. we will be falling everything that is going on tonight. >> keep sending those pictures. >> that is it for abc 7 at 5:00. our coverage of election day continues on abc 7 news at 6:00.
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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 nesws at 6. >> this is it, months of negative ads and intense campaigning, long lines at the polls. they are willing to wait to tell us what their opinion is. >> given the length of the lines, and we could be in for a long night. >> the two individuals who will be watching tonight's returns president obama and mitt romney. mitt romney continued to campaign today. president obama made stops across chicago. our team coverage of election day continues. i want to start with rebecca cooper. >> mitt romney had

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